Residential Formaldehyde Testing

New Service – In-home Formaldehyde Testing.

Formaldehyde testing - moleculeWe are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer residential clients inexpensive formaldehyde testing.

There is an  increased national awareness and growing concern surrounding formaldehyde gas.  The initial concerns coming to us were from people who were buying homes installed with Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation, but recently of  the concerns are of the gas being released from manufactured laminated flooring and other composite wood products.

Many of these products contain adhesives and sealants which are themselves made up of products containing formaldehyde.  The formaldehyde liquid in these products can evaporate at room temperature and off-gas in the home from the finished product for a long time after it has been installed.

There are safety standards in place in Canada regarding the off-gassing levels of formaldehyde in these products but recent investigations have shown that formaldehyde off-gassing can still exceed these levels once installed.

This may not be due to one product exceeding the acceptable levels that they are listed as meeting, but a combination of products.  Alternatively, as in the case of a recent class-action lawsuit, some products that are stamped as conforming still exceed, sometimes massively, the off-gassing levels they are quoted as meeting.

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