General contractor vs. home inspector: Who’s right for the job?

I am frequently asked “Why should I hire a Home Inspector to inspect a home when I could just as easily hire a General Contractor?”

Well, in Ontario at the time this piece is being written, there is no requirement for Home Inspectors to be regulated in law, so you could do, but let’s look at the reasons you might think you would want to choose  a general contractor over a home inspector.

General Contractors are more qualified than Home Inspectors
General Contractors have an incentive for finding defects
A Home Inspector will refer a General Contractor anyway
A Contractor will know if the home is to code

Clearly, it can be seen that there is nothing to stop anyone from hiring a General Contractor to perform a Home Inspection in Ontario.

The questions is: Given the possible conflicts of interest, the likely charges that would be incurred, the amount of time required to assemble the various specialists, the lack of a stringent standard of practice and code of ethics and the lack of all-round experience of inspecting homes objectively rather than as a means to earn more business, why would anyone want to?