DIY Concrete crack repair – Poured concrete

I often see typical shrinkage cracks in poured foundation walls, and am queried by my clients as to how to deal with them.  As part of my Standards of Practice I am not supposed to tell people this, but I feel that if I am certain the crack is not structural, and does not need to be referred to a structural engineer, then why should I refer them to a Basement Crack specialist who will charge thousands of dollars, when, assuming they are half competent, they could at least try to fix it themselves for a fraction of that cost.

I have in the past referred clients to these crack “Specialists” only to find later that the cracks have been “filled” with urethane foam.  Foam will only stop water intrusion and will deteriorate over time.  An epoxy repair provides both a moisture barrier and a structural improvement to the crack. Many products exist in the market, but I found this particular video to be especially helpful for cracks that can be repaired using low-viscosity epoxy repair.