Low Relative Humidity
Roman philosopher and poet Lucretius (96-55 BC) is attributed to first penning “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.  While this has over the years morphed to mean that what is right for one, is not necessarily right for another, and is used to indicate a difference of opinion, when it […]

One man’s meat….

A joint recall between Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and Conair Consumer Products ULC has issued a recall of the large riveted cutting blade for its food processors sold between 1996 and December 2015.    This is a very popular food processor with over 300,000 […]

Cuisinart/Conair issues immediate product recall.

In order to make it easy for my clients to quickly agree to a per-inspection contract (and try to save the planet one tree at a time) pre-inspection agreements can now legally be confirmed online. I utilise a cloud service provider, that also allows my clients to view and edit […]

Confirming agreement to pre-inspection contract electronically

For a number of years, Professional Home Inspectors have been categorised as the same group under the Policies laid down by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) as Construction workers. Whenever you read, any directives from the WSIB that mentions “Construction Workers”, “Renovators”, “Electricians” or anyone else in the […]

WSIB mandatory reporting

Efficiency affects Cost. Your Fridge/Freezer works hard and without routine maintenance can become inefficient and consume more energy than it is supposed to. For example, if your door gasket leaks or the door does not shut properly, your refrigerator has to work harder, and use more energy, to keep the […]

Maintain your fridge/freezer

Clogged Drains Over time, the drains in your sinks begin to build up with gunk. If you wait for them to plug up, then you have to clear them using aggressive chemicals. Instead we recommend that during January you treat your drains with an all natural solution of vinegar and […]

Treat your drains

Why we recommend thermal imaging Thermal imaging allows us to identify possible concerns that a standard visual inspection cannot.  This can at least alert you to the possibility that there is a reason to perform further, more invasive inspection than a normal home inspection is allowed to do. The demo […]

Why we recommend thermal imaging

Buying a home in Canada is slightly more complex, and compared to England, Wales and Northern Ireland can be significantly more litigious. I’m writing this because I recently had the pleasure of performing a home inspection for a couple from the U.K.    They only had their Inspection and Finance clauses […]

Buying a home in Canada (for UK immigrants)

Many of us nowadays are taught that we ought to have vents to remove smelly air (e.g. cooking odours), air laden with moisture (e.g. Bathroom air) and air that might be contaminated with our day-to-day living or infiltrated from below the home (e.g. Radon). Blindly we are led down the […]

Does your home suck?

Many people that attend a Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) have never been to one before.  Many have not even had a new home, or any home, of their own before.  The builder on the other hand has attended many, many PDI’s and heard nearly all the complaints that can be made about […]

Pre-delivery Inspections

Advantages of Flat and low-slope roofing Thermal advantages – They can help keep the interior warmer by absorbing sunlight at a higher rate than slated roofs. Accessibility – They are also more accessible, allowing for easier inspection processes. Economical – Flat roofing, for smaller areas, is generally considered to be […]

So you have a flat roof

November is here.  Many people do not realise that November is radon awareness month.  Some people have not even heard of radon.  Bookmark this page as I will be offering lots of information and advice concerning this subject that will allow you to make an informed decision on what sort […]

Radon Gas

Recently Health-Canada changed it’s public stance on Asbestos.  The government changed the website Health Canada website. The site no longer says that chrysotile, one of the fibres used in asbestos, is less potent than others; nor does it say asbestos is dangerous when inhaled in “significant quantities.” It simply says: […]

Asbestos – Get the Facts!

Trees and houses don't mix
I tend to leave my fellow professionals alone when it comes to their way of inspecting.  We all do things differently, and while we might have an opinion on how to inspect homes, the vast majority of my peers are professional. When you read the press however, it seem as […]

Stop the scaremongering!

Another day, another inspection. This one was a PDI for clients. This house was an energy star “compliant” home. Saving energy from waste water – well partly. Retention of energy was the name of the game.   After all, it had a Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit (DWHRU) fitted to […]

Inconsistent codes, inconsistent builders, inconsistent buildings.

The possibility The general rule of thumb is that if your home was built prior to 1980 there is a high possibility that Asbestos was used somewhere in its construction.   This could have been in tape joints in drywall, plaster, textured ceilings, suspended ceiling tiles, floor tile, pipe insulation, fire […]

Asbestos in your home?

I was recently asked a question by a Realtor friend if using pressure treated lumber in a basement would give rise to off-gassing of Arsenic.  If this had been any other Realtor who I was dealing with for the first time I would have immediately thought this was one of […]

Pressure Treated Lumber – Don’t Panic!

Mold Inspections are the only accurate way of identifying the true risk to your health. Visible mold may be the first indication that your home or office has a mold issue.  Given the right conditions, by the time mold has become visible, it has often been growing for some time […]

Mold inspections starting at just $330

I am frequently asked “Why should I hire a Home Inspector to inspect a home when I could just as easily hire a General Contractor?” Well, in Ontario at the time this piece is being written, there is no requirement for Home Inspectors to be regulated in law, so you […]

General contractor vs. home inspector: Who’s right for the job?

There has been much said in the press over recent years about what happens when conflicts of interests run rampant.   The most prevalent are the ones surrounding the Universities and Medical professional that, respectively,  perform study work on drugs or dispense drugs that are made by large Pharmaceuticals.   Any search on […]

Why Independent Inspections are important

As of April 21st, 2015 Google has started penalising websites which are not mobile-friendly. According to a Google survey, 94 per cent of people use a mobile phone to get local information and the vast majority of those searches take place at home or at work, despite it being likely […]

Google penalises non-mobile sites

At a recent decision of a discipline panel of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) a Real Estate broker was charged with a breach of several sections of the RECO code of ethics because they failed to ensure the information given on a Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS) was […]

Liability for SPIS seems to lie with the Realtor

Required Egress (or How to get out in an emergency) While a Home Inspection is not a code inspection and older homes are built to codes that are maybe not as strict as more modern ones, a Home Inspection, performed by a Professional Home Inspector should be able to alert […]

Safety: Basement Bedrooms

What is the concern? Recent fires in residential properties have brought to light a possible concern with Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, otherwise known as CSST. The concern is that lightning, striking on or near a property can cause an electrical arc to puncture the CSST tube and subsequently ignite the […]

CSST – A Home Inspection will inform you

I often see typical shrinkage cracks in poured foundation walls, and am queried by my clients as to how to deal with them.  As part of my Standards of Practice I am not supposed to tell people this, but I feel that if I am certain the crack is not […]

DIY Concrete crack repair – Poured concrete

Over the years ground settles and heaves.  Anything that is not completely engineered to withstand this movement will move with it.  Commons areas that suffer from this type of movement are mortar-less crazy paving and brick paving. When they are first installed these paving surfaces present a pleasing  landscape and […]

Mortar-less paving repair

One of the biggest causes for deterioration of property components, and the hardest on a sale of property, is water.  In Ontario, as across much of Canada and the U.S. we have just undergone a protracted period of snowfall and icing. As the snow and ice accumulated over the past […]

Do yourselves a favour

At Future Proof Property Inspections, we believe you should have to rely on us to perform a Home Inspection to give you information on possible life-threatening recalls.  We have provided a collection of safety recall feeds here on this page to allow you to ensure the products you buy and […]

Safety Recalls

During a home inspection, I will see situations that I will call out as “not safe” or a life-safety issue.  More often than not, these un-safe issues surround the electrical installations. The most common of these issues are caused by inexperienced people working on the electrical systems.  Generally DIYer’s who […]

“Safe” is not the same as “it works”!

Every once in a while I come across an air-conditioning system that does not seem to be working properly.  No matter how low the thermostat is set, there doesn’t seem to be any cold air coming out of the registers. Lack of air from the registers can mean a number […]

Air conditioning not working as well as expected

Mold is the common word for any Fungus that grows on food or damp building materials. It often looks like a stain and comes in a variety of colours. In some cases, however, mold may not be visible but may have a musty odour. If it is allowed to grow, […]


What is the concern? Apart from incorrect installation, where pipes have been bent beyond their allowed installation radius, or they have been scratched, or subjected to chemical solvents the piping itself is adequate for normal residential and commercial installations.  The piping itself, unless made with a Ultra-Violet barrier such as […]

PEX: The new Knob & Tube – A Home Inspection ...

If you are the owner of a newer property built between 1995 to 2007 you may know that your house is plumbed, not with copper tubing, but with a plastic piping known collectively as PEX. What you may not be aware of, is that for those years a problem existed […]

Kitec Plumbing Fittings

Another Class action lawsuit regarding brass fittings on Pex plumbing has arisen,  this time it’s against Zurn Pex Inc., and Zurn Industries.  Same problem as with the Kitec fittings where the brass fittings suffer from a problem called dezincification.  This is where the Zinc leaches out of the brass in […]

Zurn Pex Plumbing

Humidity in your home

What is Humidity?

Humidity is a term used for the amount of moisture or water vapour in the air.

Humidity in your home

Why does concrete crack?

Tearing paperConcrete shrinks as it dries and cures.  On average, a concrete slab shrinks 1/16th inch for every ten linear feet.  This may not seem much, but what this shrinkage does is produce significant internal stress within the slab.  

Cracks in the home

So you have decided to sell your own house?

Whether this is because you feel you can do a better job than the Realtors in your area, or you don't want to pay the 5% (or more in some cases) for the process, you have taken on a big task.

On top of the cleaning of the property, de-cluttering and staging, you are having to show people around and listen to their opinions in a disspassionate state.

So you are selling your own house?


  • 84% of all home purchases in North America involve a home inspection. 
  • Of the 16% that don't the majority of these are where the home is new, direct from the builder, or less than 5 years old.

Why it is a good idea to have your home ...