We’ve just received our fifth phone call is as many weeks about inspecting for UFFI, and frankly, we […]

Low Relative Humidity

One man’s meat….

Roman philosopher and poet Lucretius (96-55 BC) is attributed to first penning “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.  […]

WSIB mandatory reporting

For a number of years, Professional Home Inspectors have been categorised as the same group under the Policies […]

Maintain your fridge/freezer

Efficiency affects Cost. Your Fridge/Freezer works hard and without routine maintenance can become inefficient and consume more energy […]

Treat your drains

Clogged Drains Over time, the drains in your sinks begin to build up with gunk. If you wait […]


Why we recommend thermal imaging

Why we recommend thermal imaging Thermal imaging allows us to identify possible concerns that a standard visual inspection […]

Does your home suck?

Many of us nowadays are taught that we ought to have vents to remove smelly air (e.g. cooking […]

Pre-delivery Inspections

Many people that attend a Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) have never been to one before.  Many have not even […]

So you have a flat roof

Advantages of Flat and low-slope roofing Thermal advantages – They can help keep the interior warmer by absorbing […]

radon 5-senses-wont-help

Radon Gas

November is here.  Many people do not realise that November is radon awareness month.  Some people have not […]

Asbestos – Get the Facts!

Recently Health-Canada changed it’s public stance on Asbestos.  The government changed the website Health Canada website. The site […]

Trees and houses don't mix

Stop the scaremongering!

I tend to leave my fellow professionals alone when it comes to their way of inspecting.  We all […]

Asbestos in your home?

The possibility The general rule of thumb is that if your home was built prior to 1980 there […]

Mortar-less paving repair

Over the years ground settles and heaves.  Anything that is not completely engineered to withstand this movement will […]

Do yourselves a favour

One of the biggest causes for deterioration of property components, and the hardest on a sale of property, […]

Safety Recalls

At Future Proof Property Inspections, we believe you should have to rely on us to perform a Home […]


Mold is the common word for any Fungus that grows on food or damp building materials. It often […]

Kitec Plumbing Fittings

If you are the owner of a newer property built between 1995 to 2007 you may know that […]

Zurn Pex Plumbing

Another Class action lawsuit regarding brass fittings on Pex plumbing has arisen,  this time it’s against Zurn Pex […]

Humidity in your home

Humidity in your home

What is Humidity?

Humidity is a term used for the amount of moisture or water vapour in the air.

Cracks in the home

Why does concrete crack?

Tearing paperConcrete shrinks as it dries and cures. On average, a concrete slab shrinks 1/16th inch for every ten linear feet. This may not seem much, but what this shrinkage does is produce significant internal stress within the slab.